• JAPAN TV (78Ch) for Android,  Windows, iOS & Mac


JAPAN TV for Android, Windows, Mac & iOS devices

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Auth code will be emailed your PayPal registered email address within 1 hour. (except eCheck)

JapanTV 3 Days

(You can test only once. Even new Test Auth code does not work if you have tested)
 $    4.00
JapanTV 1 Month  $  28.00
JapanTV 6 Months  $145.00
JapanTV 1 Year  $199.00

When you register email address and password please do not use special characters (~!@#$%^& etc) in your password.

This registration is not linked with our Shop User registration.

* 78 Japanese Channels + 9 Foreign Test Channels

* Live and 7 Days Replay (1 year subscription has 14 Days Replay)

* Time shift function 

Multi Device Login (not at the same time)

* No fixed MAC address required -- Email and Password login

* Android, Windows, iOS & Mac

* Movies and Dramas on Android devices and iOS devices are available, except test account.

New Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa works with JapanTV (except for FF/RWD function).

This IPTV does not work in Japan.

This IPTV can not be cancelled once activated.


Sample Video


Channel List


               (Foreign Channels are free extra for test and not guaranteed for stable service or continuity)

Andoroid apk, Windows exe, Mac and iOS app file Download

For Mac - download>unzip>install        ---- DL Read me file

For iOS, please use EasyTV (player) to watch JapanTV

1. Download
2. Install
3. Register Email and Password (This User is not linked to the Japan Net TV Shopping site user ID. Don't use special characters for password)
4. Enter Auth Code (You can order from this page)

iOS - EasyTV player Initial Setting

Set online video URL to tv://jp.play

How to activate

1. Open Settings and click Regist. (if you have account please login)

2. Enter your email address and decide your password(Do not use special symbols )

3. Show menu again and click Authorize

4. Enter your Auth Code and Submit

How to navigate

Android Manual Download

Windows Manual Download

iOS Manual Download

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JAPAN TV (78Ch) for Android, Windows, iOS & Mac

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